Ayurvedic massage

Аюрведический массаж
Session time
09:00 - 17:00
17:00 - 21:00

Do you want to feel the healing arts of ancient India on your body?

Ayurvedic massage in Lviv combines millenary practice of body rehabilitation and relaxation. This is an art that will help you relax, rejuvenate your body and spirit. And also it will relieve you from migraine pain and joint problems.

As stated in the legends, the gods brought the Ayurveda to people. Actually, this art is able of giving divine pleasure. This means that after the first massage session, you will feel much better. You will have strength in those cases that previously seemed simply impossible. And you also have a better sleep and mood, and you’ll feel that you can do everything. Is not it bad?

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What is the benefit of Ayurvedic massage in Lviv?

  1. Complex removal of toxins from the body.
  2. Vitality tone increases.
  3. The metabolic processes in the body, in particular pressure, are normalized.
  4. The pain eases.
  5. The skin condition improves.
Ayurvedic massage

Free massage
for a birthday


If you have a birthday  – You are good
opportunity to take advantage of the gift
from the Studio of Massage Art Natalia Bezvulyak,
and choose for free:

1) Thai massage of the neck and head
2) Foot massage



Do you want to get rid of psychological fatigue?

The Ayurvedic massage in Lviv effectively fights with this problem. And not only with fatigue, because this technique can cure even from physical ailments, slow down the aging and improve the general state of the body.

What is Ayurvedic massage?

The advantage of Indian technology is that there are many types of this massage. They differ depending on indications and contraindications of a particular person. After all, everyone’s health is different, so in the studio of massage art Deluxe by Natalia Bezvuliak you will find the best technique for you. This will help you to heal your body as effectively as possible.

Also, the techniques differ in the use of different types of oils. They also have different effects on the body. The main types of Ayurvedic massages, the comments hereon you can find in the Internet space:

  • Massage with oil, is also called Abhianga.
  • Marma massage.
  • Ratnaabhianga.
  • Kati Vasty – perfectly helps with back pain.

When communicating with us, we will select for you the perfect Ayurvedic massage in Lviv, taking into account your physical condition. Thus, the influence of the course will be maximally effective.

What will you get after a few sessions of Ayurvedic massage?

  1. Significant surge of vitality.
  2. Significant increase in happy hormones in the body.
  3. You will forget about osteochondrosis for long.
  4. Every day a strong and healthy sleep.
  5. Suppression of cortisol production.
  6. You will say “good buy migraine”.

Indications and contraindications for Ayurvedic massage in Lviv

Certainly, thanks to the enormous benefits of this massage, it almost always will bring a healthcare effect. However, in some cases, the benefits will simply be unevaluated. When does a family physician recommend Ayurvedic massage?

  1. Frequent depression.
  2. Sleep disturbance.
  3. Abnormal metabolism in the organism.
  4. Cardiovascular insufficiency.
  5. Chronic migraine.
  6. Osteochondrosis.
  7. Poor immunity.

Surely, in some cases, it would be better to refuse to conduct Ayurvedic massage in Lviv. For example, during pregnancy or with certain skin diseases. In such situations it is better to apply first for professional medical consultation. And afterwards, to our specialist, to select the appropriate Ayurvedic massage.

We have the best staff of masseurs in Lviv, we are able to satisfy your needs and do everything that you would definitely enjoy in the studio of art massage Deluxe by Natalia Bezvuliak. So, be sure to sign up for a session and get your dose of pleasure.

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