Massage for pregnant women «Beautiful mother»

Масаж для вагітних "Красива Мама" у Львові
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Features of massage for pregnant women

During pregnancy it is very important to take good care of yourself. And in anticipation of the baby, along with pleasant moments, there is a lot of “not allowed” – to use cosmetic means, overstrain, overwork and the like. There are problems with sleep, it becomes difficult to maintain a physical shape, tired hands / feet / neck / back and many other things. In order to prevent these troubles during such an important period, there is a special massage for pregnant women.

This massage is unique in that it is very delicate and individual for each client. It does not use sharp and fast movements, it is on the contrary very smooth and light, because its purpose is to bring benefit and relaxation. Massage for pregnant women is primarily focused on unloading the body and the body as a whole. Especially during pregnancy, the legs, neck and back suffer – they are all the time strained because of the extra burden. This may give rise to unpleasant pain, swelling, and general fatigue. Massage helps to relax and facilitate the work of the musculoskeletal system. In addition, the massage prevents the appearance of excess weight and helps maintain the body in a tone, which is sometimes difficult during pregnancy. And it has a positive effect on the external condition of the skin and promotes good health.

Recommendations for holding a massage for pregnant women “Beautiful mother”

The first and most important rule is to consult a doctor before a massage. There may be contraindications, recommendations, instructions, because the most important thing is the safety of you and your baby. Secondly, you should only apply to professionals, because a low-quality massage can do more harm than good. In the Massage Studio, all the masters have the necessary training and experience, be sure of our reliability. And finally – during the massage you should be comfortable, if there is discomfort, you should tell the master if you are uncomfortable – take a comfortable position, if there are some areas that bother you more than others – let me pay them attention. And do not forget about yourself, because at that time you need a good mood, calmness, positive emotions and good health – we can ensure this.

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Features of massage for pregnant women "Beautiful mother"

  • Reduces the burden on the musculoskeletal system;
  • Improves general well-being;
  • Helps maintain physical fitness;
  • Positively affects the external condition of the skin;
  • Improves the work of internal organs;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • It is carried out taking into account the individual needs of the client;
  • The massage uses light, smooth techniques that help calm and relax.
Масаж для вагітних "Красива Мама"
The best Massages in Lviv

Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time in the life of every woman. But along with the joys there are problems and worries: how to properly care for themselves during pregnancy, how to maintain a physical form, how to reduce the burden on the body. We at the Massage Studio of Natalia Bezvulyak know how to improve the well-being of expectant mothers with the help of the “Beautiful Mother” massage. Massage is a very delicate way to relieve fatigue, prevent unwanted diseases and restore strength. The only thing you should do before a massage session is to consult a doctor about the indications or contraindications.

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